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Sat Jan 25 06:55:12 2003 UTC (20 years, 8 months ago) by suxen_drol
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there are two ways to build libxvidcore: using a makefile, or a microsoft 
visual studio workspace file.


to build libxvidcore.[a,so], cd xvidcore/build/generic and use:
% make -f <Makefile.xxx>

to install the compiled libxvidcore.[a,so] to the appropriate (platform
specifc) library directory use:
% make -f <Makefile.xxx> install

filename                    platform            arch
Makefile.beos				beos				x86
Makefile.cygwin				cygwin				x86
Makefile.dj					djgpp or mingw		x86
Makefile.vc					microft visual c	x86
Makefile.linux				gnu/linux			(generic)
Makefile.linuxx86			gnu/linux			x86
Makefile.ia64				gnu/linux			ia64
Makefile.linuxppc			gnu/linux			powerpc
Makefile.linuxppc_altivec	gnu/linux			powerpc+altivec
Makefile.freebsd			freebsd				(generic)
Makefile.sparc				sun solaris			sun sparc		
Makefile.irix64				sgi irix64			~mips r10,12k
Makefile.generic			generic makefile for unsupported platforms/archs

* Makefile.inc specifies source code paths, and is not considered a Makefile.
* to build Makefile.vc, first run vc98/bin/vcvars32.bat and then use:
  % nmake -f Makefile.vc


to build xvidcore you need microsoft visual studio, the visual studio
service pack #5 and the visual studio processor pack. 

open the xvidcore/build/win32/xvidcore.dsw workspace file and hit f7 (build).
the compiled library is written to xvidcore/build/win32/bin/libxvidcore.lib

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