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Makefile.beos  1.1  21 years  Isibaar  shatty's beos patch
Makefile.cygwin  1.1  21 years  Isibaar  cygwin Makfile, thanks milan
Makefile.dj  1.2  21 years  suxen_drol  updated Makefile.djgpp, added DECLARE_ALIGNED_MATRIX to portab.h for unknown/oth...
Makefile.freebsd  1.2  21 years  knhor  knhor - 020420 - add install
Makefile.generic  21 years  Isibaar  moved sources
Makefile.ia64  1.3  21 years  ia64p  fixing a bug in make test
Makefile.inc  1.15  21 years  chl  Change name of static lib to libxvidcore.a
Makefile.irix64  1.1  21 years  suxen_drol  added font.c, sgi-irix64 makefile, dx50bvop working
Makefile.linux  1.6  21 years  edgomez  Added debugging and profiling options - could be useful
Makefile.linuxppc  1.6  21 years  canard  CFLAGS fix
Makefile.linuxppc_altivec  1.5  21 years  canard  Added -mvec comment
Makefile.sparc  21 years  Isibaar  moved sources

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