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configure.in  1.9  20 years  edgomez  Added module building for MacOSX.
Makefile  1.11  20 years  edgomez  Added config.status to distclean target
platform.inc.in  1.4  20 years  edgomez  Fixes a bunch of small things on cygwin, and unix (soname and bootstrap)
bootstrap.sh  1.4  20 years  edgomez  This one should work everywhere
sources.inc  1.3  20 years  edgomez  Moved dev-api-3 to HEAD -- Nasty but efficient -- Merging work has been done too...
libxvidcore.def.in  1.1  20 years  edgomez  patch-13 More "unknown compiler" friendly portab.h file. patch-14 The PP...

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