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Makefile  1.10  14 years  Skal   + added SSIM pluging to xvid_encraw.c (only for non-WIN32 for n...
README  1.3  15 years  suxen_drol  update example documentation to "newer" commandline arguments for encraw/decraw ...
bench.pl  1.2  15 years  Skal   + Added IEEE-1180 and Walken-compliant SSE2 Idct. Disabled by default (line ...
bench_list.pl  1.3  13 years  Isibaar  - add missing #!/usr/bin/perl
cactus.pgm.bz2  1.2  19 years  Isibaar  no message
xvid_bench.c  1.38  12 years  Isibaar  sad8bi bench
xvid_decraw.c  1.24  15 years  Isibaar  Bugfix: Decoding was prematurely terminated upon EOF
xvid_encraw.c  1.37  12 years  Isibaar  more ssim fixes

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