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xvid_bstat.c  20 years  chl  Added stride and bquant_offset
Makefile  1.1  21 years  edgomez  Added to project
xvid_stat.examples  1.1  21 years  chl  Text file how to use xvid_stat with explenation of parameters
xvid_enc_dec.c  20 years  suxen_drol  encoder: new colorspace; decoder: auto width/height, basic gmc, experimental rrv...
xvid_bench.c  1.4  21 years  ia64p  fixing for ia64, again
xvid_decraw.c  20 years  suxen_drol  gettimeofday fix
xvid_encraw.c  20 years  suxen_drol  gettimeofday fix
xvid_stat.c  20 years  suxen_drol  gettimeofday fix
README  21 years  Isibaar  moved sources
odivx_enc_dec.c  21 years  Isibaar  moved sources
cactus.pgm.bz2  1.2  21 years  Isibaar  no message

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