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In this directory can find some examples how to use XviD MPEG4 codec 
in your own programs. 

Christoph (gruel@web.de)

* xvid_enc_dec.c

This is a complete example of the XviD-API for encoding and decoding:
The program reads a file of YUV 4:2:0 images (as greyscale picture in 
PGM-format) and encodes this sequence to a MPEG4 bytestream. Then it 
decodes right away. 

* odivx_enc_dec.c

Same program, but using the OpenDivX/DivX4 compatibility API. Wit this 
you can use source written for DivX4 and simply relink with XviD-corelibrary. 

* cactus.pgm.bz2

Example input file for multi_dec_enc.c. A sequence of 3 images, a szene 
with a cactus moving from right to left. It bzip2-compressed for size 
reason (half the size of a ZIP-file). Binaries of bunzip2 are available 
for all major OSes at     http://sources.redhat.com/bzip2/  
The original source of the cactus image is unknown...

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