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Sat Nov 2 15:52:31 2002 UTC (20 years, 7 months ago) by chl
Branch: dev-api-3
CVS Tags: branch-release-1-0
Changes since +2 -0 lines
Basic support for translation-only GMC support (compatible to Divx5)
use general flag XVID_GMC to switch it on, the rest is done automatically.
!!! Combination with B-frames is completely untested !!!
#ifndef _MB_CODING_H_
#define _MB_CODING_H_

#include "../portab.h"
#include "../global.h"
#include "bitstream.h"

void init_vlc_tables(void);

int check_resync_marker(Bitstream * bs, int addbits);

void bs_put_spritetrajectory(Bitstream * bs, int val);

int get_mcbpc_intra(Bitstream * bs);
int get_mcbpc_inter(Bitstream * bs);
int get_cbpy(Bitstream * bs,
			 int intra);
int get_mv(Bitstream * bs,
		   int fcode);

int get_dc_dif(Bitstream * bs,
			   uint32_t dc_size);
int get_dc_size_lum(Bitstream * bs);
int get_dc_size_chrom(Bitstream * bs);

static int get_coeff(Bitstream * bs,
			  int *run,
			  int *last,
			  int intra,
			  int short_video_header);

void get_intra_block(Bitstream * bs,
					 int16_t * block,
					 int direction,
					 int coeff);
void get_inter_block(Bitstream * bs,
					 int16_t * block,
					 int direction);

void MBCodingBVOP(const MACROBLOCK * mb,
				  const int16_t qcoeff[6 * 64],
				  const int32_t fcode,
				  const int32_t bcode,
				  Bitstream * bs,
				  Statistics * pStat,
				  int alternate_scan);

static __inline void
MBSkip(Bitstream * bs)
	BitstreamPutBit(bs, 1);	// not coded

#endif							/* _MB_CODING_H_ */

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