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sad.h  20 years  Isibaar  athlon optimized asm code - thanks to Jaan Kalda
motion.h  20 years  chl  Major update: Support for GME/GMC with 2 warppoints
sad.c  20 years  suxen_drol  global.h macro cleanup cpu_detection cleanup, XVID_CPU_ASM added sse2 stuff enab...
smp_motion_est.c  1.4  21 years  suxen_drol  XVID_ENC_PARAM->num_threads
smp_motion_est.h  1.2  21 years  suxen_drol  XVID_ENC_PARAM->num_threads
motion_comp.c  20 years  syskin  new functions can also be used here, for some extra speed (nothing noticable)
motion_est.c  20 years  syskin  VHQ. yay.
motion_est.h  20 years  syskin  VHQ. yay.

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