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Revision 1.3 - (download) (annotate)
Thu Mar 28 20:57:25 2002 UTC (22 years, 2 months ago) by edgomez
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: xvidcore
Changes since 1.2: +1 -1 lines
Big patch, use it with care (tests done with GNU/Linux) :
 - Trivial warnings in encoder.c line 282 ret1 = ret 2 = 0;
 - Lot of "New line at end of file missing" warnings fixed (gcc3)
 - All 2d arrays have been turned into 1d arrays
   To force alignment of matrices on stack, use DECLARE_ALIGNED_MATRIX
   (read portab.h)

Win32 users should give feedback.

#if defined(_PROFILING_)

#include "../portab.h"

uint64_t count_frames;

extern void start_timer();
extern void start_global_timer();
extern void stop_dct_timer();
extern void stop_idct_timer();
extern void stop_motion_timer();
extern void stop_comp_timer();
extern void stop_edges_timer();
extern void stop_inter_timer();
extern void stop_quant_timer();
extern void stop_iquant_timer();
extern void stop_conv_timer();
extern void stop_transfer_timer();
extern void stop_coding_timer();
extern void stop_prediction_timer();
extern void stop_interlacing_timer();
extern void stop_global_timer();
extern void init_timer();
extern void write_timer();


static __inline void start_timer() {}
static __inline void start_global_timer() {}
static __inline void stop_dct_timer() {}
static __inline void stop_idct_timer() {}
static __inline void stop_motion_timer() {}
static __inline void stop_comp_timer() {}
static __inline void stop_edges_timer() {}
static __inline void stop_inter_timer() {}
static __inline void stop_quant_timer() {}
static __inline void stop_iquant_timer() {}
static __inline void stop_conv_timer() {}
static __inline void stop_transfer_timer() {}
static __inline void init_timer() {}
static __inline void write_timer() {}
static __inline void stop_coding_timer() {}
static __inline void stop_interlacing_timer() {}
static __inline void stop_prediction_timer() {}
static __inline void stop_global_timer() {}


#endif /* _TIMER_H_ */

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