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Fri Mar 8 02:44:25 2002 UTC (22 years, 4 months ago) by Isibaar
Branch: core
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*** build environment ***
- portable makefile [DONE]
	more testing needed

*** api ***
- decore/encore2 wrappers; [DONE]

- xvid_init() [DONE]
	handle cpu detection, yuv/dct lookup table init
	return api version number
	return core build number [build number should be incremented automatically, how?]

*** common ***

- mpeg-4 quantizer (quant4) testing [DONE]
- consder moving a modified mbprediction/mbdeprediction here [DONE]

- add [-2048,2048] to mmx dequant [DONE]

- mmx quant4 [DONE]
- sse2: convert intel's idct/sad/comp apnotes to nasm [IN PROGRESS]
- mlib

*** image ***

- sort out in/out & conversion func naming issues [DONE]
maybe,	in_yuv, in_yuyv, in_uyuv, in_rgbXX
		out_yuv, out_yuyv, out_uyuv, out_rgbXX

- input flipping support
output flipping support is not 'perfect'.
using negative height is bad, best to have seperate vflip parameter

- rgb24/32_mmx cause yellow dots to appear on left hand size [DONE]
(only visibile with high contrast colors)

- rgb16. [DONE]
can be done generically using r,g,b masks
or just code for the popular 16bit formats 555, 565

- diff between basic-yuv and iso-yuv

*** decoder ***

- quant=1 encoder material appears "soft" [FIXED]
- block based interpolation [DONE]

- msmpeg-4 support... dont hold your breath [IN PROGRESS]
	best to write an entirely new 'decoder' than bolt stuff onto
	the existing one.

- post processing

- add basic mpeg4 stuff:
	- custom mpeg quant matrixes [DONE]
	- intra_dc_vlc_threshold [DONE]
	- quarterpel  [in progress]
	- resync?

- b-vops [IN PROGRESS]
- figure out what todo with time codes, and fatal error

*** encoder ***

- purple mb block (rare) [FIXED]
- coeff range checks need to be verified against mpeg-4 spec [DONE/PARTIAL]
	- dequants now clamp to [-2048,2047]. [DONE]
	- fdct_mmx clamps to [-2048,2047], it doesnt have to (but prevents overflows in mmx quantization)
	- quants _should_ clamp to [-127,127], but this introduces errors at low quant levels so we ignore it
	- idct _should_ clamp [-256,255], but its really unnessary overhead.
- pmvfast bug fixing [DONE]

- quater pixel motion search

- 'smearing bug' when motion occurs in straight vertical direction (
http://www.videocoding.de/forum/viewtopic.php?topic=71&forum=2&6 )
coefficient thresholding problems? [FIXED/REMOVED]

- better luminance masking [DONE]

- use N_VOP when a interframe is entirely composed of ublks
	& frame dropping. eg. simple ublk threshold

*** gpl conversion ***


encoder.c	[REPLACED]
mbmotionestcomp.c	[REPLACED]
mbcoding [REPLACED]
putvlc.c [REPLACED]

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